What do we do?

Let's say your website is a free concert...

Some visitors came by themselves, while some you brought in. Some are just standing around, while others are enjoying the show.

So how do you know which ones like what they see and which ones don't?

How do you know if they will 'like','follow','share','subscribe' or 'purchase'? The way they behave, right?

That's what TracerPro can do on your website - we analyse user behavior patterns on your website and develop ML algorithms that 'learn' how to identify the users that mean Business. This would enable marketers like yourself to focus efforts on these high value 1st party audiences and Generate higher ROI on remarketing budgets.

Easy to implement.

Light-weight script

Push audiences to top marketing channels

Save on Remarketing Costs

Like the idea?

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How Does It Work?



Set it up in minutes

The basic integration can be as easy as adding 2 lines of code. One in the <head> tag and another on the conversion event for which you need to optimize.
But we don't recommend letting a child do this.


Let the learning begin

After integration, the system will immediately start to collect (anonymized) event data and look for patterns in user behavior on your website.
While you do something else.



Train... Test... Repeat

After the events collected reaches the necessary volume, we will start looking for patterns that can identify users with a high probability of conversion.
Our Algorithm does a lot of the real work.


Time to Fly!

Once we know the ML models are working, we will enable them to start building audiences that can be pushed to several marketing platforms. This will be an iterative learning process and with periodical updates, the models will keep getting more refined over time.


Developer Friendly

  • Light-weight script
  • Easy to setup
  • Tag Manager Compatible
  • Easy to add Custom Events
  • Debugging options available

Marketer Friendly

  • Easily identify and build high-intent audiences
  • Save budgets on Remarketing
  • Increase ROI from ad spends
  • Real-time integrations with most marketing platforms

Pay for Performance

  • Billing only starts after audiences are shared
  • Optimize for multiple funnel stages
  • Payment slabs based on number of users